Monday, 9 April 2018

My Other Half

I was having a conversation with a lady the other day and she used the phrase 'my other half'. I'd never given much thought to that term before - it's such an accepted part of our vocabulary - but that day it made me question my very existence.

Being alone, does that mean that I'm only half a person? Or is it her that's not whole?

I don't feel like half a person. I feel like a whole person and I live my life as a whole person - travelling the world on my own, going into bars alone etc. . .  So if I'm whole, that must mean she's not.

And as I look around - it does seem that single people are much stronger emotionally than those who always need 'another half' to accompany them through life.

So if you're single - rejoice. You are strong. You are complete within yourself. And if you're looking for love, don't look for your 'other half', look for someone who is as whole as you. #