Saturday, 20 November 2010

How to get rid of worms

Mr. Rouyer is a French farmer living in the village of Gripperie-Saint-Symphorien. He was burgled a couple of months ago. I dont know what was stolen but it was obviously enough to warrant him calling the police. As well as cows and sheep, Mr. Rouyer keeps organic ducks, which are in excellent health without the use of duck medicine. They never suffer from worms, which Mr. Rouyer maintains are very common parasites of ducks. If you keep ducks, I expect youll want to know his secret. Well, the good news is that his secret is not a secret anymore. One of the eagle-eyed Gendarmes spotted 12 cannabis plants at Mr. Rouyers farm, and a further search turned up 5kg of the drug.  (Wouldnt you think hed have hidden it all before calling the Police!) In his defence, Mr. Rouyer told the police that he grows the weed to feed to his ducks because its an excellent de-wormer. He was also heard to say, Thats correct Officer, I dont have worms either.
Sadly Duck a la Marijuana is now off the menu!