Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Is anyone there?

Why does no one ever comment on my blogs???????? 
Perhaps because no one ever reads them !!!
Ah well...... they keep me out of mischief :-))#

Friday, 19 September 2008

Where have all the sunspots gone?

Did you know there hasn’t been any sunspot activity for a month? Are you worried? Do you care? It could be good news for us…. then again it could be bad. We’re told that Global Warming is a fact, caused by our mis-management of the planet – though I still sorta wonder if it’s all just an excuse for the politicians to extract more taxes from the masses. Anyway, we’ve no need to worry anymore -  many climatologists believe that solar magnetic activity, (which determines the number of sunspots), is an influencing factor for climate on earth and yes you’ve guessed it – lack of sunspots mean rapid cooling of the Earth. If we remain sunspotless for any length of time we could be heading for another mini Ice Age.

Uummm……. Should I stock up on suncream or woolly hats?