Monday, 18 August 2008

Student Finance Direct

Student Finance Direct have managed to wind me up again I'm afraid. I filled in their damn form a few weeks ago - you know the form, the one that wants to know EVERYTHING about you and your income just so your children can take out yet more loans. In addition I submitted the required evidence of MY income, (P60s, Bank Statements etc...). Well, they've now sent me another form, identical to the first!! Under separate cover, but sent on the same day, a letter informing me that the financial assessment is complete and they will write to my son to inform him of what they have decided will be MY financial contribution to his studies!
In need of clarification, I plucked up the courage to ring them again (and no, I didn't need a "secret answer"!!) My protestations about being a single parent and having to plan my budget fell on deaf ears. "Sorry, but it's up to your son to tell you that - that's how the system works." How ridiculous! Out of curiousity I asked where the person on the phone to me was situated - Nottingham or Bristol. All letters I've received from them have had both these addresses on but only one telephone number - the number I rang. Answer: Glasgow! FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

GM Crops

Good on you Charles - you tell 'em
Whilst I have no serious objection to small scale GM food production in principle, I do object to people like Monsanto pretending that they're in the business of alleviating starvation in the world. Make no mistake - it's all about PROFIT, and the profits are ASTRONOMICAL.
There is enough food in the world without GM crops; what is lacking is a fair distribution of the food we have because those in control want to maintain their profit margins.
And what about the profit being made from biofuels at the expense of rainforests and agricultural land previously used to grow food? I live in the East Midlands where a good proportion of fields are given over to Rape - which incidentally is now growing outside of farmland as a weed - EVERYWHERE.
So, three cheers for Charles - he has my backing.

I confess

Colin Stagg, erroneously convicted of murdering Rachel Nickell in 1992, said of his £700,000 compensation,
"I expected a token payment by way of compensation. This is like winning the lottery!"
Given that he was convicted because he CONFESSED (the Judge has now ruled that he was entrapped) how on earth can the British justice system justify paying out OUR hard earned cash to someone who, for whatever reason, owned up to murder!!!
Hey... there's an idea. Any unsolved murders in your area? Why not manipulate the Police into putting you under duress and then confess that you were responsible. You never know - in a few months you could be very wealthy!!